Adding global exception handler in sencha extjs app

In most of the sencha extjs applications, its always good practice to have a global exception handler so that any common exceptions from server can be handled in a uniform way from a single place. One such instance is, having a global exception handler for handling HTTP status 401. This status is returned by server to the client application when the user is not authenticated to access a server side functionality.

From UI perspective, two main use cases when HTTP 401 can be thrown could be :

  1. User tries to open an app for the first time, usually a login screen is presented where a user can enter the credentials and log in to the app. If the credentials entered are incorrect then an HTTP status 401 is returned by server. User should not be able to close login screen until correct credentials are provided.
  2. User has successfully logged in to app and after some time, the session on server for this user expires. So any subsequent api requests to server will return HTTP 401 unless a session is again established. In such a case, usually user is again presented a login pop up window to enter credentials and continue working on the app.
    So to achieve this in a Sencha app, we can setup up a global exception handler for all ajax calls by adding the below code in the application’s launch function.

Above code basically routes the application to login route where the actual login to open up a login window can be written.

In sencha architect this can be done by simply selecting Application, adding a launch function (if not already present) and adding the above code.

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